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Tulsa TechJunction


Please join us for this year’s TechJunction Tulsa on November 17th, 2016 at Cox Business Center.  We will have a Lenovo Combat Kit, a Chromebox, a Chromebook and we will be debuting our new web store!  Please stop by our booth to see the latest in IT client computing.  Below are details on the conference. This CPE-accredited educational conference forRead More …

IT Horror Stories


October is National Cybersecurity Awareness month, so we’re sharing scary IT stories that can occur not just in October, but year-round. Check out this informative infographic and learn which nightmares made the list –– and what you can do to prepare and prevent them from happening to you!

Is it time to let go of Windows 7?


In September, Microsoft told the world that the number of monthly active users of Windows 10 had gone past 400 million. Many of those users are consumers, but businesses are making the leap as well. What’s surprising about that is that Windows 10 is only a year old. Historically, businesses have taken years to manage the switch to a newRead More …

Do not fall for false economy


Everyone in business IT knows that budgets are shrinking. In an environment with fewer dollars, it’s tempting to look at low price tags as the most important specification any hardware can carry. The problem, as we are reminded frequently, is that “total cost of ownership” (TCO) cannot be ignored. More importantly, total benefit of ownership is a metric that ITRead More …

Are our workplaces smart enough?


Market research firm Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) interviewed 3,801 employees around the world about what they were expecting in the near future in terms of technology. Working with HAL PSB found that respondents were expecting to be more mobile and to do less face-to-face. They were also expecting to be more capable—use artificial intelligence to give them a boost—and moreRead More …

Ransomware does not have to succeed


Unlike many other cyber attacks and malware types, the goal of ransomware is as well-known as the method: Critical data is encrypted until the victim pays for the key. For some industries, the question isn’t whether organizations will be hit, but when. After that, the questions tend toward the practical: How can companies avoid becoming a victim, and how shouldRead More …

Do not open a door for data thieves


In the movies, hackers only have to swivel from their pizza boxes back to their keyboards and type a couple of lines. With that, they have access to everything from the target’s credit card number to their emails and appointment books. With organizations investing heavily in IT security, the reality might be a touch more difficult. That means those withRead More …

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